Every 7 seconds, a person loses their data – offering online backup to prevent this or data recovery if it does

Big D Technology Solutions, Inc. can help you with recovering your data/pictures from a crashed hard drive. It is not a question of IF your hard drive will crash – its WHEN. Usually this happens at the worst possible time. We can:

Recover data from desktops/laptops/servers/other media devices
Move data to a new drive / CD / DVD

We do our best to offer a 2-3 day turnaround with recovery done the same day. However, in extreme cases, it may be necessary to send the device to one of our partners – and then we will keep you updated on the process.

Your data is safe with us – we will do our best to get your treasured data, pictures, files off the bad drive.

Check out our sister company for your online backup needs – Big D Online Solutions